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SS-123 35mm Slide Storage Cabinet

35mm slide cabinets from Phoenix Metal Products are the most economical way to store large quantities of 35mm slides, photographic slides or transparencies.  With all steel construction, our high capacity cabinets will last a lifetime.  Fully stacked, our cabinet system can store up to 45,000 cardboard mounted slides in an area less than 1.5 feet wide!

These cabinets are equally well suited to smaller collections where you want the safest and most durable storage method available.  These durable metal cabinets will far outlast cardboard slide boxes.

The cabinets are modular: Stack additional slide cabinets to add capacity as needed.  A base unit (sold separately) is used to start off each new stack.

For the storage of 35mm slides or 2″ x 2″ Kodachrome slides.

35mm Slide Cabinet Features:

Holds up to 2,250 cardboard-mounted slides.
Stackable up to 20 cabinets high for up to 45,000 slides per stack.
3 drawers per cabinet.
Each drawer has a full-length separator, to hold two rows of slides.
Cardholders on front for easy labeling.
Comes fully assembled.
Neutral tan color (computer tan).
Special paint does not give off fumes that could damage slides.


15 3/4″ wide, 4″ high, 18 3/4″ deep.
(400 mm x 102 mm x 476mm)

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