Stack of microscope slide cabinets
Slide storage cabinet with drawer out

Easier slide filing

Our extra wide SS-200 cabinets feature extra wiggle room making it easier to insert and retrieve slides.
An industry exclusive from Phoenix Metal Products.
Microscope slide storage cabinet and base unit
Microscope slide cabinets stacked to different heights showing their use as modular cabinets.

Capacity to grow

Stack additional cabinets as needed
Tissue cartridge cabinet

Now offering Paraffin Block Cabinets

Introducing the TB-400 Paraffin Block Cabinet, offering the highest storage capacity in the industry.

The Best Value in Microscope Slide Storage Cabinets and Paraffin Block Cabinets

Our modular microscope slide cabinets store large quantities of microscope slides in a minimum amount of space. The cabinets are stackable to add capacity as your slide filing needs grow. With tens of thousands of units in service, our microscope slide cabinets are found everywhere from small doctor’s offices to the largest national labs.

Our tissue block cabinets offer the highest storage capacity in the industry.

Our cabinets are attractive, reliable and built for a lifetime of service.  With the lowest prices in the industry, our cabinets offer a superior value.

Fast Shipping for Slide Cabinets and Accessories

Our cabinets and accessories are available for fast shipment.  Most orders ship within 24 hours, and ship from our factory in New York.

Order online or call us at (516) 546-4200.

We now offer online ordering.  If you are an existing customer with payment terms and would like to order online using purchase orders, please contact us so we can set up your account.

We also sell paraffin block storage cabinets, which you can view on our other website.