Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the SS-100 and SS-200 cabinets?

While both models have the same price and storage capacity, there is a difference: The SS-100 is the traditional design which has been around for decades. It is compatible (stackable) with similar looking cabinets from most other brands. The SS-200 is a newer design which makes it easier to insert and retrieve slides. The SS-200 cabinet is 1″ wider overall which provides extra room to the sides of each row of slides, allowing the slides to be flipped back and forth more easily and decreasing the chances of slide breakage. Users generally prefer the SS-200 cabinets, but laboratories may opt for the SS-100 series for
compatibility with existing stacks.

What is the base unit?

The base unit is the item which contains the “feet” that starts off each stack of cabinets.

Do you really need a base unit with the cabinets?

Yes you do. The cabinets interlock to form stacks through the use of metal tabs which connect one cabinet to the next. These metal tabs stick out the bottom of each cabinet and lock into slots in the cabinet below. Without a base unit, the first (bottom) cabinet would not sit flat because of the tabs sticking out of its bottom. The base unit also keeps the cabinet and slides several inches off of the floor to protect them from dirt and dust.

How high can you stack the cabinets?

You can stack the cabinets up to 15 high. It is common to stack the cabinets 12 high or more, however you may need a stepstool to reach the highest levels above that height.

How do the cabinets interlock when stacked together?

Our cabinets stack together without any tools.  The model SS-100, SS-200 and SS-123 cabinets interlock through the use of metal tabs which are integrated into the cabinets.  Each cabinet has a set of tabs that protrude from the cabinet’s bottom.  These tabs fit into slots in the cabinet (or base unit) below.  The tabs serve to both align and lock the cabinets together.

The model TB-400 interlock through the use of special push pins that come with each cabinet.  Each cabinet has special alignment holes on its top and bottom.  The push pins are inserted by hand and connect each additional cabinet to the cabinet below them.

What are the cabinets made of?

The cabinets are made of galvanized steel (rust resistant steel) and are painted with powder coat paint. Powder coating is a special painting process which is extremely durable and which has no VOCs (no fumes). In total, the cabinets are designed for an extremely long service life.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in our factory in New York.