Compatibility with Other Brands of Slide Cabinets

Are you interested in saving money by switching to our lower cost slide cabinets, but are concerned with compatibility with your existing stacks?

We tested our cabinets for fit against other popular brands to take the guesswork out of it for you!

We have tested our model SS-100 slide storage cabinet against similar models from three other brands: the Boekel 141000, the Quincy Labs 100SCK, and the Paragon C101.

Overall Dimensions

The overall dimensions of all four models were within a fraction of an inch from each other.  In cases where our competitor’s products have dimensions written in their product literature which appear to differ Phoenix’s cabinets, our competitor’s written dimensions are incorrect.


Phoenix’s SS-100 stacks cleanly on top of the Paragon C101.  However, the interlocking slots in the Quincy Labs 100SCK and the Boekel 141000  were in slightly different positions.  If you need to stack our cabinet on top of one of those brands, please contact us so that we can make a cabinet with the interlocking tabs welded to match.

Interchangability of Drawers

Phoenix’s replacement drawers can fit inside of all of the competing cabinets that we tested.