TB-400 Paraffin Block Storage Cabinet

The TB-400 is for the storage of paraffin blocks for histology, also known as tissue blocks, or can store tissue cartridges or embedding rings.  This paraffin block storage cabinet has been designed to be an economical yet durable method for storing large quantities of blocks.  Priced just slightly higher per block than corrugated storage boxes, the TB-400 is a superior value as it will last a lifetime with its steel construction.  Say goodbye to soggy, sagging and stale corrugated tissue block boxes, and say hello to the TB-400 tissue block storage cabinet.

The cabinets are modular: additional cabinets stack up and securely interlock without tools.

Features of the Tissue Block Storage Cabinet:

Holds up to 3,150 cassettes or 1,950 blocks.
Over double the capacity of competing brands.
Stackable up to 8 cabinets high for up to 25,200 cassettes or 15,600 blocks capacity.
4 removable drawers per cabinet.
12 rows per drawer of parrafin blocks, tissue cartridges or embedding rings.
Comes fully assembled.
Neutral tan color (computer tan).
Lockable version is available.
Made of rust-resistant steel, with archival safe baked enamel finish.


15″ wide, 8 3/8″ high, 19 1/2″ deep.
(380 mm x 210 mm x 495 mm)

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UNSPSC# 41123305

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