Comparison between the SS-100 and SS-200 Slide Cabinets

We offer two models of microscope slide storage cabinets / slide filing cabinets.  They are the same price, the same capacity and they look the same.  So what is the difference?

The SS-100 is the traditional design which has been around for several decades.  It is tried and true.  It is the same overall dimensions as most of the other brands of similar cabinets and is compatible (it can interlock) with most other brands.

While the SS-100 works great, there’s not a whole lot of space to the sides of the slides, which can sometimes make it difficult to insert, retrieve, or flip through the slides.  For example, if there is extra fixative sticking out the sides, or if a coverslip is not on perfectly straight, or simply if you have big fingers, slide filing could become a pain.

The SS-100 is a good choice if you have existing stacks of SS-100 cabinets that you want to build upon, or or if you want to build upon stacks of other brand cabinets, or if you simply have always used that size and it works fine for you.

The SS-200 is the same in every way to the SS-100, except it is one inch wider overall, which provides for a little extra room in each row of slides.  Its a small change that makes a big difference in ease of use.  Many users prefer the SS-200 to the SS-100 and prefer it to any other brand when tried side by side.  More wiggle room, and more finger room = happier customers!